The radiotherapy treatment of Softray is based on the utilization of low dose and orthovoltage X-ray therapy equipment. It clearly differentiates itself from other radiotherapy technologies used in cancer therapies targeted on in organs. Hence this makes the treatment safe, gentle and ideally suited for the superficial treatment of skin disorders and benign inflammatory joint diseases.

Further advantages of our technology compared to other radiotherapy technologies include the equipment’s small footprint, drastically lower investment as well as maintenance costs, and most importantly the comfort, safety and excellent treatment results for patients. These advantages have the potential to transform present care pathways and to contribute towards value-based health outcomes.

A single therapy cycle of low dose radiotherapy includes on average 10 (between 5 and 14) exposures at only a few minutes every two or three days.

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  • Tumor destruction / antiproliferative effect by influencing the rate of cell division. This effect is exploited in the treatment of malignant tumors.

  • Inhibition of inflammation and pain relief. It has been demonstrated, that low-dose X-ray therapy inhibits acute and chronic inflammatory processes.​

  • Low dose X-rays support the immune system.


Friendly smiling nurse giving confidence to patient with non-melanoma skin cancer.

In dermatology, low dose X-ray therapy can be a non-invasive treatment option to conventional procedures such as surgical removal, topical chemotherapies or photodynamic therapies. The superficially applied X-ray therapy is painless and sustainable. The selection of this treatment option depends on several factors such as location of the tumor, the spread of the disease and age as well as co-morbidities of the patient.


Softray’s therapy is indicated for curative treatments of non-melanoma skin cancer pre-cancers and other skin diseases such as actinic keratosis or keloids.


Besides benign and malignant skin tumors there are many other conditions which can ideally be treated with X-rays, such as actinic keratosis, keloids, certain form of psoriasis, hand and foot diseases, hyperhidrose etc.


Unlike other therapeutic methods, radiotherapy is physically very gentle and painless for the patient. Even with chronic recurring processes, the effect is usually long lasting.


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Doctor examining leg of a patient suffering from a painful arthritis joint inflammation.

Low dose X-ray radiotherapy is used to treat inflammatory and hypertrophic diseases. This so called orthovoltage radiotherapy modulates the inflammatory response, providing an anti-inflammatory effect. Researcher worldwide have in their clinical studies reported radiotherapy to be efficacious for degenerative and inflammatory diseases.


Our radiotherapy treatment is an option for those patients who want to avoid taking analgesic medicines due to the drugs’ side effects and other related health risks. Low dose X-ray radiotherapy can be safely used, especially in patients who are hesitant to use other treatment options like surgery.


The usage of radiotherapy has other positive effects besides the reduction of tissue inflammation for pain relief. It is proven that X-ray therapy at the proper dosage supports the immune system and accelerates the healing process.


Just to name few, arthritis and arthrosis are among the many painful degenerative inflammatory benign diseases for which low dose X-ray radiotherapy can be indicated.


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